Program Overview

VETA Neo is made up of 5 key areas. They are as follows:

Students connect with an accredited VETA Neo Coach/Teacher (generally with a small group of 3-6 friends) for 60 minutes each week to support each other, to build each other up and to discover what the bible has to say about life. Coaching may be delivered in or out of classroom settings.
60 minutes x 28 meetings = 28 hours

Students complete a bible workshop each week. Over 100 workshops covering integrated biblical themes are provided, ensuring that students develop the skills to explore the bible for themselves and integrate their learning into everyday life.
30 minutes x 28 workshops = 14 hours

Students are challenged to engage in life-affirming activities that encourage students to develop as whole people with a faith that connects to life.

Challenges include:
• Grow Physically – getting involved in sport or training
• Develop Skills – learning a hobby or interest
• Seek Justice – Caring for others and making a difference in the world
• Encounter Creation – Participating in outdoor adventure or cross-cultural mission
Students who are not involved in external activities may require up to an additional 1-2 hours per week.
Total additional time = 0-40 hours

Students participate in Christian community and reflect on their experience with their coaching group.
Bronze = 10 hours
Silver = 20 hours
Gold = 30 hours

Students gather together for three day-long seminars with peers from across the state to be equipped and inspired. They may be involved in times of worship, personal reflection, teaching and group activities. They are a highlight for all involved.
5 hours x 3 Connect Events = 15 hours

90 carefully developed learning exercises, covering a series of integrated themes take students through a three year cycle of growth and development

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Sample Student Workbook 1

Sample Student Workbook 2

Sample Student Workbook 3